Rathod Group established in mid 1950's, was mainly into project finance, gradually forayed and diversified in textiles and fashion industry. Starting with bhilwara suiting, Rathod group is vertically integrated and diversified into retail space, channel distribution, e-commerce in fashion industry. It foray real estate, pledge/ project finance.

Vision Statement

Our Guided vision is to provide best fashion and fabrics from all over the world under a single podium and to expand and diversify into fashion industry, to become one of the leading fashion house in the country. With your very support this vision of ours can be achieved in the near future.

Rathod Group

We took at our organisation as the 'Banyan Tree'. The leaders form the deep roots bringing stability and eternal strength. The team depicting the robust trunk working dedicatedly to reach out to support and fulfill client needs. And our vast network (family) of happy customers, associates and well-wishers spread out as branches bearing fruits and flowers of commitment we make.