Apart from business Rathod group also works for various social causes.

Rathod Group is work together with local communities as a good corporate citizen and contribute to society by responding sincerely to the demands and expectations of those communities. The Group has established the following action plan for implementing this policy.

1. Veeralayam Gaushala
Goushala, a Sanskrit word, means the abode or sanctuary for cows. The provision of shelter allows at a time approximately 450 caws to better cope with the varying climatic extremes that can occur throughout the year and can increase their productivity. The by-products are used in Biogas plants which is useed for generating electricity.

2. Medical / Food / Clothing donation compaigns
Donation of surplus food connects those in need with edible food that would otherwise be sent to landfills. Stop diseases from preventable causes with basic healthcare and prevent or treat diseases. Clothing donations make a big difference to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet.

3. Other Activities
With Gaushala & food compaign, we also contribute to Tree Plantation Drive and Rain Water Harvesting.

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Veeralayam Gaushala

Contact Details:

  • Veeralayam jain Temple and Gaushala, Jain Temple Rd, Mangadewadi, Maharashtra 411046.